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     Dear visitors of our web page, let us introduce young company, which has been established a year ago in Slovakia.
     The intention of the founders of the company is the fundamental shift of the limit of miniaturisation of RC models of aircrafts. These are not meant to be the autotelic records in miniaturisation, but mainly the availability of RC components, accessories, ready-made ?RTF? models and model kits of these models for a wide model-making public.
     The dream to own a miniature flying aircraft model, with which it is possible to fly everywhere, which is not demanding as far as space is concerned, and which thanks to its appearance may serve also as the decoration in a display case may be fulfilled by Micro Invent.

     Dear visitors, we kindly ask you for indulgence since our web page is new and initially it shall be subject to frequent changes, as far as contents and appearance are concerned.

Fokker DVII Bucker Jungmeister 133
Piper PA18 Demoiselle

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